Healthy environment is our responsibility
Coal, oil, gas, peat, uranium and other non-renewable sources of energy cause enormous harm to the environment.
At the same time, modern research also identifies that current renewable energy technologies, previously considered "safe", might also have negative impact on the environment .


"The forecast of human development until 2032 is disappointing" - United Nations
Environment Programme

As a result of human activity, irreversible changes are occuring on the planet. More than 70% of the Earth's surface will be corrupted in one way or another, more than 1/4 of all species of flora and fauna will permanently become extinict, clean air and drinking water will become an irreversible deficit, nature's ability to recover from anthropogenic impact will decrease - and all of this is a consequence of the search for energy.

We believe that microorganism-based energy production is the solution to the problem of energy supply that does not violate natural ecosystems
EMC Bioengines
Electric Microorganism Cycle (EMC) technology supported by combined knowledge of modern lifesciences and machine learning offers disruption power to achieve economic efficiency of modern power plants and to transform energy industry from an ESG bottleneck into the champion of environmental sustainability
EMC Bioengines

We produce energy from microorganisms

Electric microorganism cycle (EMC) - is the most efficient source of electrical energy among the
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technologies.
The key task today is to further drive economic efficiency of EMC-based energy sources via development of an engineering concept and genetic modification of microorganisms leveraging our own AI/ML synthetic biology platform ŠKEVOS
Professionals who care about the future of our planet
Artur Gogov
Over 5 years of experience working with biotech companies and digital project management at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Credit Suisse.
Education: MGIMO and Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Roman Popov
More than 5 years of engineering biotechnology value chains for leading scientific laboratories.
Education: MIREA
Stepan Vorotylo
Chief Engineer
More than 5 years of experience in scientific work with electrodes and electrical installations. PHD in Materials science
Education: NUST MISIS
Pavel Parshin
Chief product owner
Scientific experience in microbiological laboratories in Russia and Germany. PHD in Biology
Education: MSU
Anya Kolesnikova
Experience in scientific activities in leading teams in Russia, Germany and Finland.
Education: SibFU
Sergey Savvov
Data Scientist
Experience in launching more than 10 products as a technical development leader.
Education: RUDN
Anastasia Voshninskaya
Investor Relations Manager
Successful own blog in the field of education
Education: MGIMO and Bocconi
Lyubov Lazarenko
Financial analyst
Experience over 5 years in biotechnology analysis
Education: MIPT
Anton Ryzhenkov
Material engineer
Anastasia Harlamova
Ivan Snegirev
Data Scientist

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